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Alas! A new post!

2009-04-27 16:48:18 by ColonelBongo

I've finally made a new, preloaded video! fresh off the press~
It isn't fantastic, but it's grown on me, ok? Like a pimple. Just like a pimple.
I dunno, I figured it's not great but some people might get a kick out of these 4.5 seconds.

Hahaha. paradoxes FTW!

2008-12-11 18:10:05 by ColonelBongo

Has anyone else noticed that the newbie icon is a PICTURE that says NO picture? It doesn't make any sense, the user does in fact, have a picture... So, to spread this around, and hopefully create holiday cheer, I have altered the newbie icon! Go figure!

Well hello everyone! I'm not more than an amatuer animator, and I hope to share my work. I uploaded a flash. Positive reveiws, low score =/... anyway, I'll have some better work up soon! That was a test to see how people liked my style. Enjoy your observation. Check back soon!... or else.